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Cool ways to use these MIDI drums for fun.

Music Fun

Music Fun

Forget work, huge recording studios, expensive gear, towering effects racks, and sequencing learning curves. Let’s talk about how to use these MIDI Drum Files just for fun.

Out of the 10,000 or so people that have accessed our drum files recently, a large percentage of them use the files to back up original music tracks. Another block of people download them specifically as cell phone ringtones (more about how to do that in a later email). But hidden in there somewhere is a group of people that come up with creative uses for these files just for fun. I thought you might like to hear some of the stories and get some creative ideas for yourself.

Take Mary (San Francisco, Ca), for example. After getting our complete set of MIDI Drum Files, she selected about 35 and proceeded to chain them all together using Cakewalk’s Sonar 3. She added some strings over the top of the beats and converted them into one long MP3. Now they can be heard almost every day in the lobby of her ‘modern dance’ studio in Southern San Francisco. Thanks Mary.

Then there’s Toby (Springfield Mo.)… Junior High camp director. He bought these files for a 2003 summer camp he was involved with in Missouri. Selecting out the Rap and Rave, beats he gave the students one week to come up with the best rap about their counselors. The kids were able to pick the beat they wanted and could perform it in front of everybody. The show was a screaming success and the performers had their friends rolling on the floor with laughter. Thanks Toby.

OK, its Halloween night, the lights are dark, the spider webs are hung above the entry way. Who better to greet unsuspecting trick-or-treeters than Snoop Doggy Dog Himself…. Or at least Mark H. of Houston TX. made up to look like ‘The Dog’. The drum files play all around his house to make it sound like one of his rap song drum beats. He greets the kids who stop by. Most of them ask if he really is Snoop. Thanks for the creativity Mark.

These are some stories that have come from creative people over the years who not only get good use out of our MIDI Drum Files, but also have fun with them in the process. If you have any stories like these of creative ways to use our drum files… Please let us know about it.

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