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MIDI Drum Map

General Midi
Drum Map

Keyboard NoteMidi NoteInstrument
B235Acoustic Bass Drum
C336Bass Drum
C#337Side Stick
D338Acoustic Snare
D#339Hand Clap
E340Electric Snare
F341Low Floor Tom
F#342Closed Hi Hat
G343High Floor Tom
G#344Pedal Hi Hat
A345Low Tom
A#346Open hi Hat
B347Low Mid Tom
C448Hi Mid Tom
C#449Crash Cymbal 1
D450High Tom
D#451Ride Cymbal 1
E452Chinese Cymbal
F453Ride Bell
G455Splash Cymbal
A457Crash Cymbal 2
A#458Vibra slap
B459Ride Cymbal 2
C560Hi Bongo
C#561Low Bongo
D562Mute Hi Conga
D#563Open Hi Conga
E564Low Conga
F565High Timbale
F#566Low Timbale
G567High Agogo
G#568Low Agogo
B571Short Whistle
C672Long Whistle
C#673Short Guiro
D674Long Guiro
E676Hi Wood Block
F677Low Wood Block
F#678Mute Cuica
G679Open Cuica
G#680Mute Triangle
A681Open Triangle


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