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Looptimus MIDI Controller, Great Looking New Kickstarter Project

UPDATE: The Looptimus is now in production and can be purchased here.

Looptimus USB MIDI Foot Controller Stomp boxes and foot pedals are standard gear for guitarists all over the world.  But for some reason that trend hasn’t caught on yet for keyboardists and computer musicians. Perhaps this little box will change that.

It’s called the Looptimus USB MIDI Foot Controller, and looks like it could add some pretty cool real-time functionality to live performance software. Designed to integrate with your computer through a USB MIDI interface this little box is configurable to navigate through sections of songs, start/stop, rearrange live sets, and much more I’m sure.

The Kickstarter project is going on NOW (Sept.10.2013), and they could use your support. Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/loopcommunity/looptimus-usb-midi-foot-controller  This looks like a great new tool. If you do any LIVE performances with software, or you just want to help out a good cause, consider supporting this new venture.


  • 20 Banks, A – F for each Bank
  • All-Access Bank for quick switching
  • 16 MIDI Channel Options
  • 1 Dedicated STOP button (single MIDI note)
  • 9 Rock-Solid, Momentary switches
  • USB MIDI connection
  • Expression Pedal Jack (for Roland Rv-5 or equivalent)
  • 3 Digit LED Display
  • USB Bus Powered!
  • 9v optional power jack
  • Aluminum Enclosure, Black powder coated
  • 6 ft. USB Cable included
  • 8×5″ x 5″ x 1.5″

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