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MIDI Links

Here are some other great music/midi sites. If you would like to add your site to this list, please contact us here with your details.

howtoprogramdrums.comA great site all about programming drums and adding beats to your music. All sorts of Drum related links, products and resources.
http://www.beanfieldcastle.net – Midi directoryMidi directory with a bunch of great links to MIDI Related resources.
http://www.jososoft.dk/yamaha/chords.htmThe Unofficial YAMAHA Keyboard Resource Site.
tomrudolph.berkleemusicblogs.comAdding MIDI Drum Grooves to your Finale or Sibelius Files.
synthzone.comOne of the best sites out there for MIDI and synth related information. Specs and product info is available on a ton of keyboards and rack gear.
homerecording.comDiscussion forum and articles on anything MIDI, recording, or sound related.
youtube.comThis is the MIDI Drum Files private channel.
sound.condorow.netA list of many great MIDI links and resources.
wiki.linuxaudio.orgFor the more technical minded, here is a site about ABC notation and some other tricks of the trade.
midisite.co.ukA site selling MIDI converters and some other miscelanious products.
midi.orgTutorial: The Technology of MIDI

Contact us to get your site on this list.