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MIDI Polyphony and Multi-timbrality

What is Polyphony? Polyphony is simply the number of notes that a keyboard or device can be playing at any one time. So, for example, if you press two keys at the same time, you’re using 2 notes of polyphony. … Continue reading

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Axis 64 Midi Controller

OK, I’m all for innovation and changing the way we do things for the better. So in the spirit of experimentation I thought I would post this cool MIDI controller I found online. Continue reading

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Two Keyboards is like Four Keyboards

I remember in college when I bought my first 2 tier keyboard stand. It was great. I was so excited. Now all I needed was the second keyboard. Of course being a penniless, starving student didn’t allow for the extravagance of purchasing excess gear. So I went for what seemed like a really long time with just one keyboard. Continue reading

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