Ethnic / World Drum Beats




MIDI Set – Ethnic and World Drum Beats

Great collection of 55 Ethnic and World Style MIDI files for you to use in your desktop music arrangements, studio productions, or live shows.

These MIDI files are 100% General MIDI compatible and able to be looped, cut, transposed, filtered, edited, or tempo modified to fit the needs of your projects.

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Ethnic and World Samples
ethnic-11 ethnic-17 ethnic-24 ethnic-28 ethnic-5 world-13 world-18 world-2 world-23 world-7Ethnic

This product is designed to work with the following DAW software. If you have experience using our files together with any of these programs, please contact us and share your experiences.

Ableton Live, Anvil Studio, Aria Maestosa, Ardour, Audio Evolution, Bars and Pipes Professional, Band-in-a-Box, BRELS MIDI Editor, B-Step, Steinberg Cubase, CYTHAR Sequencer, Deluxe Music Construction Set, Digital Performer, Dinothesus, DirectMusic Producer, Domino, Finale, FreeWRL, FL Studio, GarageBand, Genome MIDI Sequencer, Guitar Pro, Guitar Practiced Perfectly, GNMIDI, GNU LilyPond, harmonySEQ, Indaba Music, Jazz++, JFugue, KeyKit, Klee, Live, Logic Pro, LMMS, M185, MAGIX Samplitude, Making Waves, Master Tracks Pro, Midianal, MIDI Converter Studio, midiedit, MidiEditor, MidiPatterns, Midisoft Recording Session, Midish, Midisoft Studio, MidiYodi, Mixcraft, Mozart, MU.LAB, MusE, MuseScore, Music studio Frieve, Musink, Notation Composer, NoteEdit, NoteWorthy Composer, Overture, Podium, PianoRollComposer, Pizzicato, PriMus, Pro Tools, Qmidi Studio, Qtractor, REAPER, Reason, Renoise, Rosegarden, Scala, Sekaiju, Seq24, Sequera, Sibelius, Sonar, Sonja, Speedy MIDI, TuxGuitar, Z-Maestro


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