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Free Karaoke and Accompaniment Tracks

karaoke songs downloadOne of the questions I get asked frequently is “Do you have any karaoke tracks?”. Being focused on MIDI files, I haven’t really spent too much time researching this vein, but as it turns out, karaoke MIDI has a huge following. So, since such a large percentage of MIDI users download Karaoke songs in the form of MIDI files, I thought it could be useful to talk about some karaoke websites.

According to Wikipedia, Karaoke “is a form of interactive entertainment or video game in which amateur singers sing along with recorded music (a music video) using a microphone and public address system.”  This makes MIDI a perfect file platform for the job.

*** NOTE: Karaoke tracks come in two main forms

  • Karaoke Audio Files
    • Karaoke CDG (CD-G)stands for Compact Disc + Graphics, is the standard format for most English karaoke discs. (
  • Karaoke MIDI Files
    • As you can imagine MIDI files would work great for Karaoke background tracks because of all the usual great features of MIDI
      • Extremely small files. They take up a very small space
      • Very customizable. Edit, rearrange, rework parts, adjust volumes, etc.

Great websites for performance tracks, and karaoke songs downloads

If you know of any other great MIDI Karaoke sites, please comment below and let us know.

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Download Classical MIDI Files – Then Create Something Awesome!

Free Classical MIDI FilesI would just love to see some creative people mix a few of these classical MIDI files with our drum tracks to come up with some great sounding music.

It wouldn’t be too hard. I mean, you could start with drums, throw in parts of a few classical masterpieces, add a little strings, or sound effects, or pads, or whatever, then a few synth parts and some delay/reverb/EQ. The possibilities are endless and the results could be amazing.

So, if you are in a dry creative spot, looking for a fun new project to start (a challenge),  why not give it a shot? Then once you have something cool, post a link to your music for everybody to hear.

Be an inspiration to the people around you.  And what better way to do that than with some classical elements.

MIDI File Download Links:

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


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Also see our other free MIDI Drum downloads here

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Even More Free MIDI Files to Download!

Please feel free to download these files and use them in your music. If you like them, consider buying the MASTER COLLECTION MIDI file set to support this site. This new collection of MIDI drums contains 950 great sounding styles that you can easily import into your projects. Treat yourself by buying the best package of MIDI Drums to date. You can purchase the full collection of 950 great sounding styles right here.

File List for the full set

8 beat (22 files) – 16 beat (24 files) – 3/4 time (25 files) – 50s & 60s (35 files) – 6/8 time (25 files) – Ballads (20 files) – Classics (21 files) – Contemporary (70 files) – Dance (82 files) – Ethnic (52 files) – Folk (192 files) – Jazz -n- Blues (65 files) – Latin (106 files) – Misc (20 files) – Rock (67 files) – Swing (40 files) – Upbeat 110-150bpm (25 files) – Variety (21 files) – World (38 files)

Free Samples

Jazz-n-BluesZip Files
12bar1 12bar4 12bar6 12bar7 Blues10 Blues2 Blues7 Jazz1 Jazz12 Jazz5Jazz_Blues
Purchase More: Jazz and Blues MIDI Drum Tracks $11.99 Master Collection - MIDI Tracks$69.99
Latin9 Latin6 Latin39 Latin29 Latin24 Latin21 Latin2 Latin15 Latin34time1 Latin68time1Latin
Purchase More: Latin Drum Tracks $11.99 Master Collection - MIDI Tracks$69.99
Rock3 Rock30 Rock33 Rock42 Rock49 Rock7 Rock13 Rock16 Rock20 Rock26Rock
Purchase More: Rock MIDI Drum Beats $11.99 Master Collection - MIDI Tracks$69.99
folk1 folk13 folk18 folk30 folk33 folk34 folk38 folk42 folk46 folk5Folk
Purchase More: Folk MIDI Drum Beats$11.99 Master Collection - MIDI Tracks$69.99
3/4 and 6/8
34time13 34time19 34time2 34time23 34time8 68time10 68time15 68time2 68time20 68time734time
Purchase More: Alternate time signatures MIDI Drum Beats $11.99 Master Collection - MIDI Tracks$69.99
Ethnic and World
ethnic11 ethnic17 ethnic24 ethnic28 ethnic5 world13 world18 world2 world23 world7Ethnic
Purchase More: Ethnic and World Drum Beats $11.99 Master Collection - MIDI Tracks$69.99
dance19 dance21 dance28 dance3 dance34 dance4 dance42 dance47 dance49 dance8Dance
Purchase More: Dance Drum Beats $11.99 Master Collection - MIDI Tracks$69.99
Contemp10 Contemp16 Contemp27 Contemp33 Contemp38 Contemp4 Contemp41 Contemp46 Contemp48 Contemp7Contemp
Purchase More: Contemporary MIDI Drum Beats $11.99 Master Collection - MIDI Tracks$69.99
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MIDI Drums for use on Web sites

MIDI Drums
MIDI Drums

By now you have probably had some fun creating music on your MIDI instruments and editing or recording with or from your PC. MIDI makes the mixing and editing of music very easy, the files are basically universal and do not require much space. These benefits lead us into another possibility for MIDI pieces that you have created, playing them on your web site.

Why MIDI is great for web use.

As mentioned, there are several reasons that MIDI files are very useful for the web. The first reason is its compatibility.

Regular sound files are made by sampling the music being recorded at a very high speed. This means that all the details of the recorded piece are stored within the sound file. The clearer the music the larger the file size is.

In contrast, MIDI files do not store any music. A MIDI file only contains the details for what note should be played how long it should be played and how loud it should be played, as well as a few other note characteristics. This means the MIDI file being played is actually playing sounds that the sound card itself produces. This makes MIDI files much smaller in size.

The other important thing to consider is web page file size. The speed at which a web page is loaded depends upon your connection speed and the size of the web page. The smaller the web page the faster it will load, meaning MIDI is a great choice for embedded music.

How do I use my MIDI file on my web page?

Using your MIDI files on the web takes a little work and a little understanding of HTML programming. I will assume that you have already created both a MIDI file and a web page and wish to bring them together.

First you need to find the page you want to play the MIDI file from and open it for editing ao that you can see the source code. The nice thing about HTML is that it is a high level language meaning that it is very simple and not all that powerful. This also means that it is very easy for anyone to understand it and edit it. If you do not have an HTML editing program you can use Word or Notepad which comes automatically with the Windows OS. You must ensure that you save the file with the same extension it originally had, usually html or htm.

 Now for the programming part. To have your page play a MIDI file you first need to add a MIDI file to the same directory as the page source file. For example, let’s say the MIDI file is named web_music.mid. To use it, you must now add the following command to the code in your page.


Upload the MIDI file and your edited page to the web and then visit the page location using your web browser. Your web browser will use its default plug-in to play the file and you should hear music right away

Here’s what’s Happening:

  • EMBED tells the browser an embed sound is here — go get the plug-in. Remember, embed commands are associated with plug-ins.
    Note: If no plug-in is available, the browser will do one of three things:

    • 1. Do nothing. This is true of very early level browsers or browsers other than Netscape.
    • 2. Put up a dialogue box asking you how you want to handle the file.
    • 3. Tell you a plug-in is needed and ask you if you’d like to go get it.
  • HEIGHT/WIDTH deals with the plug-ins control panel size on the page.  If you do not want a panel, add the command HIDDEN=”yes” or set the height and width to zero.
  • SRC stands for “source.” It tells the browser where to go to get the audio file.
  • AUTOSTART deals with whether you want the sound to play by itself or by the viewer starting the file after the plug-in box pops up. “True” starts the file straight away; “false” prompts the viewer. Note I used “false” above. “True” would have started the file straightaway upon load.
  • LOOP works the same way. “True” loops the sound so it plays forever. Make the loop “false” if you only want it played once.

Now that you have added the commands and uploaded the page, you’re ready to go. This really makes for a nice personal touch and a great way to show off your musical talents. Have fun.