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Two Keyboards is like Four Keyboards

I remember in college when I bought my first 2 tier keyboard stand. It was great. I was so excited. Now all I needed was the second keyboard. Of course being a penniless, starving student didn’t allow for the extravagance of purchasing excess gear. So I went for what seemed like a really long time with just one keyboard. Continue reading

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One of the common questions we get here at MIDIDrumFiles.com is regarding MIDI latency and how to correct it. This article explores what MIDI latency is, and what you can do about reducing its effects in your musical productions. Continue reading

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The problem with this is that, in most cases, people have the stock sound card (which sounds horrible) that came with the computer. So unless you have purchased a great after market sound card for your PC, these files probably sound a little weak. Continue reading

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Using MIDI files with an external sound source

Playing back a MIDI file is fairly simple to do. In most cases it is a matter of putting a disk that contains a MIDI file into the floppy drive of your keyboard, selecting the file to be played and playing it. Since MIDI is such a common standard, it truly is this easy.
Continue reading

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