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MIDI Fighter 3D – Compact MIDI Controller

midiFighterI came across this cool little MIDI controller and thought I would share it with you all. It’s called the MIDI Fighter 3D.

  • Accurate, detailed precision on all axis
  • Full motion tracking of tilt, pan, and rotation.
  • Map accelerometer data to any midi-compatible effect or software
  • Traktor Pro, Ableton Live and Serato Scratch official mappings
  • Customizable, animated LED color rings

The general sense I get is that the MIDI Fighter 3D is designed for live performances, but I can see how it couldn’t be useful in recording applications as well.

What do you think? Ever tried it?
Share your experiences with us.

One thought on “MIDI Fighter 3D – Compact MIDI Controller

  1. got to try one of these a friend got a while back. definitely an interesting midi controller. arcade buttons are a odd feel to piano keys. linking the tilt to pitch or modulation etc is quite useful if you are a spastic knob fiddler. good for people who wish they had more then two hands haha

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